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Screens on the platforms display the departure times of the next trains, and notice boards indicate the full timetable. When travelling outwards to the suburbs, once on the platform, make sure to check that the stop you want is indicated on the electronic destination boards. Maps of the network and details of the line can be consulted on the platforms and inside the trains. Free timetables are available at ticket offices in the stations. Suburban lines complement the RER network, sharing several links. Keep hold of your ticket until you have completed your journey, as you may be asked to show it if tickets are being inspected.

If you cannot produce proof of payment for the ticket inspectors, you may risk paying a fine. You can also choose a Monthly or weekly Navigo Package. These can be purchased from the ticket offices or machine in the stations, their prices vary depending on the travel zones covered see Passes and reductions.

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You will need a passport-sized photo for these passes, obtainable from the photo booths in some metro stations make sure you have the correct change. Buy tickets Passes and reductions There are a variety of different passes and reductions, if you plan to use regularly the forms of public transport mentioned here. First of all, you need to know that transport is free for children under 4 and half price for children between 4 and 11 years old. Be careful : travel pass coupons must be inserted in the automatic barriers in the metro and RER, but must not be punched in the machines on the buses.

Just show your card to the driver as you get on the bus. Certain passes are also available at the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. The non-transferable ticket voucher can be purchased in advance and you should fill in the date you decide to use it. NB: this card is valid for one full day and not for 24 consecutive hours, meaning the whole day would be counted even if you only start to use the pass at 8 in the evening, so it is far better start first thing in the morning! Any engagement will most likely be taken as an invitation. The RATP strives to make your travel as enjoyable as possible, offering reading material, musical interludes and visit suggestions.

For the last fifteen years, the RATP has held annual auditions for musicians who are authorized to perform in the hallways and on the trains. His videos are on the RATP site here. Click on the X to show the Paris map with a full list of historical sites and explanations here.

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No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Carte Orange - a weekly pass that can cover different zones, is good Monday-Sunday, can only be bought Friday-Wednesday for that week. You need a tiny photo of your face for the id card. I d like to get all the detail about the Carte Orange , but the offical website is only in French, is there an English version somewhere?

I wish I could read French, but I can t. If you click in the upper right corner of the ratp. Good Luck. I did that, but then there is just a very limit list of topics available and the Carte Orange isn t one of them. It is sold for transportation zones that include the 20 arrondisements , and then further out for people commuting into work from the suburbs. All the way to Zone 8. It is a weekly pass that is valid for use from Monday to Sunday. Passes purchased Mon-Wed are valid for the current week, and passes purchased Fri-Sun are valid for the upcoming week.

No passes are available for purchase on Thursdays. Your arrival day in Paris plays a big part in your ability to purchase and use the CO. Click Titres de Transport, then Carte Orange. On the right side of all the information that you probably can t read, there is a link for Tarifs.

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Click on that and you will see the various prices for the CO. If the pass works with your arrival days, you will probably be most interested in the Zone pass. Some people purchase the Zone pass so they can use if for transportation between CDG and the city on the RER, and use it during their stay to visit Versailles and some other cities outside of Paris center. From http: The card itself is free woo hoo when you buy a week s or month s coupon, and your first name, last name and photo must appear on it. The coupon cannot be used without the card, and the card number appears on the coupon.

I take it that the coupon is like a validated ticket. Click "tarifs" to see the prices. Even if you must use a language-translation web site like-- http: The English-language pages are basicaly.. I was wondering about the photos, I understand I have to provide my own. Is there a certain size they must be? Can I take a digital picture of myself, print it on glossy photopaper? I ve never bought one of these cards.

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I always get carnets, but I bet there are kiosks in the stations. Just cut one out of a photo from home or take one with your digital. It needs to fit about a1x1" square on the id card.

I had my shpiel all worked out as well Will the response be 'Non! Cheers, Carole. Don't be afraid!

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Anyone can purchase a carte orange, and "Bonjour, je voudrais deux carte orange - pour zone une et deux s'il vous plait" is perfect! Because this is close to the end of the month, you probably will be asked if you want a weekly "hebdomadaire" or monthly "mensuelle" Carte Orange. So be prepared for that question, or just ask for "une Carte Orange hebdomadaire pour zone ". The separate card where you need to fill in your details and affix your photo is officially called the "carte nominative" - If you don't have one already, you will maybe need to ask for that too it's free.

But usually the staff wil notice that you don't have one yet or ask you. Don't forget to copy the number of the "carte nominative" on your "coupon" with a ballpoint pen - or you might still be fined! Don't worry we're from Texas and we had no problem buying a carte orange either time we've been to Paris. The second time in November we even bought them for our 3 kids. Though the CO was originally ".. If there is a '..

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We plan on purchasing the Carte Orange as well. One question for the experts though, we are going to Versailles as well as to CDG. Are there zone extensions to purchase or do you just buy a different ticket from zone 1 to 4? Thanks in advance! The Carte Orange will get you to the station. You will have to pay a small fee to enter at Versailles and again to leave. That is what we did. I believe CDG is 8.

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