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David's bestselling book, the groundbreaking Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity , has been published in thirty languages, and the "GTD" methodology it describes has become a global phenomenon, being taught by training companies in 60 countries. David, his company, and his partners are dedicated to teaching people how to stay relaxed and productive in our fast-paced world. Go to 99designs. This episode is also brought to you by FreshBooks. Many entrepreneurs, as well as the contractors and freelancers that I work with, use it all the time. FreshBooks makes it super easy to track things like expenses, project time, and client info, and then merge it all into great-looking invoices.

FreshBooks can save users up to hours a year on accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Right now FreshBooks is offering my listeners a free day trial, and no credit card is required. Go to FreshBooks. Before that, Mike worked for the U. Department of Interior leading historic efforts to restore red wolves to the southeastern US and gray wolves to the Yellowstone National Park.

He also conducted important research on the impacts of oil and gas development on grizzly bears in the Arctic , predation costs for gray wolves in Alaska , and dingo ecology in Australia. In Mike was elected to the Montana House of Representatives. He served there until elected to the Montana Senate in His service in the senate will extend through This episode is brought to you by ShipStation.

Whether you're selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or more than other popular selling channels, ShipStation was created to make your life easier. There's no risk and you can start your free trial without even entering your credit card info. Just visit ShipStation. This episode is brought to you by Helix Sleep. Visit HelixSleep. You can try the mattress for nights, and if you're not happy, it'll pick it up and offer a full refund. To personalize your sleep experience, visit HelixSleep. Loonshots describes what an idea from physics tells us about the behavior of groups and how teams, companies, and nations can use that to innovate faster and better.

Safi received his PhD in physics from Stanford and his undergrad degree from Harvard. After working as a consultant for McKinsey, Safi co-founded a biotechnology company specializing in developing new drugs for cancer. You can also listen to my first interview with Safi at tim. I picked up this bike after seeing the success of my friend Kevin Rose, and I've been enjoying it more than I ever imagined. You can even live stream studio classes taught by the world's best instructors, or find your favorite class on demand. That's onepeloton.

This episode is also brought to you by LinkedIn Jobs , which offers a smarter system for the hiring process. This episode will no doubt surprise people, and my guest came to me through channels I wouldn't have expected. He has transformed the business into a diverse group of companies that employ nearly , people—making everything from Dixie cups to components in your cell phone. Charles is now using those principles in philanthropy, as the founder of Stand Together , to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the U.

Stand Together is partnering with thousands of social entrepreneurs to help them improve their effectiveness and scale at tackling poverty, improving K education, bringing justice to our criminal justice system, and more. This episode is also brought to you by ShipStation. ShipStation was created to make your life easier -- whether you're selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or over other popular selling channels.

Entrepreneurship is an approach to life. Ed Zschau is the Interim President of Sierra Nevada College , and he brings to the college 17 years of leading technology companies. Ed has a total of 10 years of teaching experience as a professor in the graduate business schools at Stanford University and Harvard University , and he has taught high tech entrepreneurship courses for a total of 22 years in the engineering schools at Princeton University , Caltech , and University of Nevada, Reno.

In addition to serving on the boards of major public companies such as Reader's Digest and StarTek , Ed has helped to start and build several technology companies during the past 20 years, some of which were founded and led by his former students. Ed holds an A. Statistics , and Ph. Listeners of The Tim Ferriss Show get 20 dollars off plus a free 99 dollar upgrade on their first design contest. Head to 99designs. This podcast is brought to you by Peloton , which has become a staple of my daily routine. Peloton is offering listeners to this show a special offer. Visit onepeloton.

Again, that's onepeloton. Dita Von Teese DitaVonTeese is the biggest name in burlesque in the world since Gypsy Rose Lee, and is credited with bringing the art form back into the spotlight. She is renowned for her iconic martini glass act and dazzling haute-couture striptease costumes adorned with hundreds of thousands of Swarovski crystals. You can join Dita on one of her upcoming tour dates in and or at her " Weekend of Glamour " event on August 24th and 25th.

This podcast is brought to you by Athletic Greens. I recommended it in The 4-Hour Body and did not get paid to do so. I often take it in the mornings at home and travel with it to minimize the likelihood of getting sick. If you've ever hired anyone or attempted to , you know finding the right people can be difficult.

If you don't have a direct referral from someone you trust, you're left to use job boards that don't offer any real-world networking approach. LinkedIn , as the world's largest professional network, which is used by more than 70 percent of the US workforce, has a built-in ecosystem that allows you to not only search for employees, but also interact with them, their connections, and their former employers and colleagues in a way that closely mimics real-life communication.

Visit LinkedIn. He is on the board of directors of the C4 Foundation , which provides support and resources through science-based programs to active duty Navy SEALs and their families. Nick is the Co-Founder and CEO of Amavara , a sunscreen company that has invented a new mineral sunscreen technology to protect both consumer health and the environment. Click here for the show notes for this episode. This episode is brought to you by LegalZoom.

Check out LegalZoom. This podcast is also brought to you by Helix Sleep. It offers mattresses personalized to your preferences and sleeping style — without costing thousands of dollars. Its customer service makes all the difference. It includes a great overview of psychedelic science, investing opportunities, anecdotal personal benefits, legal challenges, and much more. Here are the participants:. This interview originally aired in He writes about the way ideas spread, marketing, strategic quitting, leadership, and — most of all — challenging the status quo in all areas.

Seth has founded several companies, including Yoyodyne and Squidoo. Recently, Godin turned the book publishing world on its ear by launching a series of four books via Kickstarter. The campaign reached its goal in just three hours and became the most successful book project in Kickstarter history. For the past 12 years, Josh has been channeling his passion for the outer limits of the learning process toward training elite mental performers in business and finance, and to revolutionizing the education system through his nonprofit foundation, The Art of Learning Project.

Josh is currently in the process of taking on his fourth and fifth disciplines, paddle surfing and foiling, and is an all-in father and husband. The Sohn Conference Foundation is dedicated to supporting innovative initiatives to cure and treat pediatric cancer. The Sohn Conference Foundation raises its funds through a unique strategy: Wall Street's most successful investors offer their expertise on stage and inspire large audiences to give to the foundation's cause.

You can learn more about it at sohnconference. At age 52, after selling the company he founded and ran as CEO for 24 years, rebel boutique hotelier Chip Conley chipconley was looking for a new chapter in life. Then he received a call from the young founders of Airbnb, asking him to help grow their disruptive start-up into a global hospitality giant. He became their head of global hospitality and strategy. Chip is a leading authority at the intersection of psychology and business. Located in Baja California Sur, the Modern Elder Academy provides the place and the tools to start reframing a lifetime of experience for what comes next.

And just because you feel like shit doesn't mean you are shit. Prior to his career as a coach, he was a partner with J. Morgan Chase. Prior to that, he cofounded New York City-based Flatiron Partners with Fred Wilson, which became one of the nation's most successful early-stage investment programs. His first leadership position, at age 25, was Editor-In-Chief of InformationWeek magazine, and now he has returned to the written word with his first book, Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up.

Julie's life's work has been about building community, and these days she brings that focus to her new role at WeWork. At WeWork, Julie is approaching everything through the lens of community—she is focusing on WeWork's brand and the experience WeWork provides its members, and seeking new and innovative ways to grow and share the WeWork experience around the globe. He started his website, iwillteachyoutoberich.

Ramit grew up in Sacramento, the son of Indian immigrant parents who taught him the art of negotiating -- his father once spent five days negotiating with a car dealer, only to walk away over a set of floor mats. His understanding of human behavior and money led to him creating innovative solutions in self development. Ramit and his team of dozens of employees build premium digital products about personal finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, careers, and personal development for top performers. The IWT community includes one million monthly readers, , newsletter subscribers, and 35, premium customers.

This episode is brought to you by LinkedIn Jobs. This episode originally aired in You can find the show notes of the episode here. Think of him as a philosopher-king programmer, master teacher, and merry prankster.

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He is a frequent speaker at the TED Conference, with more than 5 million views of his talks. He's built everything from ancient Buddhas and futuristic weapons to fine-art sculptures and dancing vegetables. It's an exploration of making and of my own productive obsessions, but it's also a permission slip of sorts from me to you.

Permission to grab hold of the things you're interested in, that fascinate you, and to dive deeper into them to see where they lead you. This episode of the Tim Ferriss Show is brought to you by Theo Chocolate , which is the first organic and fair-trade chocolate company in North America. The folks there reached out to me because they spotted some neatly stacked bars of their dark chocolate coconut in a recent Instagram photo of my fridge see it here.

This is a brand that does everything from scratch, and the difference shows. It's why Theo is one of my favorite chocolates. It offers tons of different bars, little snacks like coconut bites, and also imaginative creations like a cinnamon horchata bar, beer and scotch chocolates, and its signature s'mores bite -- The Big Daddy. My personal favorite: Salted Almond Butter Cups , which are ridiculous. Theo is helping drive its industry forward by working with communities in the Congo and Peru to make the economics of the cocoa trade fair for farmers, and by using sustainable farming practices.

Whether you want to feel better about where you buy your goodies or you just want a really unique and delicious gift for yourself or someone else, they're available in Whole Foods and other grocery stores across the U. Use code Tim15, or visit TheoChocolate. This podcast is also brought to you by Athletic Greens.

I get asked all the time, "If you could only use one supplement, what would it be? Under his leadership, Instagram grew to over one billion users and launched dozens of products including video, live, direct messaging, creative tools, Stories, and IGTV. The company also grew to over employees with a campus in Menlo Park, new offices in New York City, and a new headquarters in San Francisco.

Prior to founding Instagram, Kevin graduated from Stanford University with a BS in management science and engineering.


38" Polypropylene Martial Arts Training Sword - Kung Fu Sword

Kevin currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. FreshBooks is the 1 cloud bookkeeping software, which is used by a ton of the start-ups I advise and many of the contractors I work with. It is the easiest way to send invoices, get paid, track your time, and track your clients. You do not need a credit card for the trial. Amanda Palmer amandapalmer is a singer, songwriter, playwright, pianist, author, director, blogger, and ukulele enthusiast who simultaneously embraces and explodes traditional frameworks of music, theatre, and art. She first came to prominence as one half of the Boston-based punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls , earning global applause for their inventive songcraft and wide-ranging theatricality.

In she presented The Art of Asking at the annual TED conference, which has since been viewed over 20 million times worldwide. Since Palmer has used the patronage subscription crowdfunding platform Patreon to fund the creation of her artwork. This has enabled her to collaborate with artists all over the world with over 14, patrons supporting her creations each month. Palmer released her new solo piano album and accompanying book of photographs and essays , There Will Be No Intermission , on March 8, , followed by a global tour.

Eric joined Google in and helped grow the company from a Silicon Valley startup to a global leader in technology. His philanthropic efforts through The Schmidt Family Foundation focus on climate change, including support of ocean and marine life studies at sea, as well as education, specifically cutting-edge research and technology in the natural sciences and engineering.

He is the founder of Schmidt Futures , which works to improve societal outcomes through the development of emerging science and technology. This episode is brought to you by Inktel. At the root of many of my decisions is a simple question: "How can I invest money to improve my quality of life? Inktel is one of those investments.

They are a turnkey solution for all of your customer care needs. Their team answers more than 1 million customer service requests each year. They can also interact with your customers across all platforms, including email, phone, social media, text, and chat. Inktel removes the logistics and headache of customer communication, allowing you to grow your business by focusing on your strengths. This episode also is brought to you by LinkedIn and its job recruitment platform , which offers a smarter system for the hiring process.

Instead, she focused on writing for her 10 closest friends. Knight Professor of Science Journalism. In , TIME magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world. And if you haven't yet, check out " Trip of Compassion" , which is the most compelling movie I've seen in the last year. As you will see firsthand, if the therapy is well designed, true rebirth and transformation can happen in a matter of weeks and not years.

Find out more by clicking here. This podcast is also brought to you by 99designs , the global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs they love. You can unlock new benefits at every membership level, such as flexible cancellations with Gold, price protection with Platinum, complimentary surprise upgrades with Diamond, and more.

Welcome to a special episode called Tea Time with Tim, in which I solicited phone numbers and called a handful of you to field any questions that you might have. I love it to bits, and the lead developer, Matt Mullenweg, has appeared on this podcast many times. Go to WordPress. Before starting East Rock 14 years ago, Graham worked at two other investment firms and started his career by co-founding an independent Wall Street research firm. Graham graduated from Yale with a B. Josh Waitzkin , the chess prodigy who served as the basis for the book and movie Searching for Bobby Fischer , calls Graham "the tip of the spear in the realms of talent tracking and judgment of human potential in high stakes mental arenas.

This episode is brought to you by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions , the go-to tool for B2B marketers and advertisers who want to drive brand awareness, generate leads, or build long-term relationships that result in real business impact. Now 99designs also offers custom video and will match you with the right video professional to help you explain your product, spotlight a service, and bring your brand to life. This was a rare treat, as Jim rarely does any media or interviews. This conversation overdelivered on every level. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jim Collins jimcollins. Driven by a relentless curiosity, Jim began his research and teaching career on the faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he received the Distinguished Teaching Award in In , he founded a management laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. This episode is brought to you by LinkedIn and its job recruitment platform , which offers a smarter system for the hiring process.

LinkedIn , as the world's largest professional network -- used by more than 70 percent of the US workforce -- has a built-in ecosystem that allows you to not only search for employees, but also interact with them, their connections, and their former employers and colleagues in a way that closely mimics real-life communication. This podcast is also brought to you by Peloton , which has become a staple of my daily routine. Caterina Fake caterina is a long-time Silicon Valley pioneer. She is the Cofounder of Yes VC , a pre-seed and seed stage fund investing in ideas that elevate our collective humanity.

At Flickr, Caterina and her team introduced many of the innovations — newsfeeds, hashtags, "followers," "likes" — that have become commonplace online. Caterina went on to found several more startups Findery , Hunch and became an active investor, advisor and board member, helping to build companies like Etsy and Kickstarter from their beginnings. Caterina is an early creator of online communities and a long time advocate of the responsibility of entrepreneurs for the outcomes of their technologies.

Caterina is also the host of the new podcast Should This Exist? This podcast is also brought to you by Uber. Uber makes getting around town easier than ever before, and now Uber is introducing Uber Rewards , a new rewards program that helps keep modern life going. For terms and to learn more about all the ways you can earn Uber Rewards, go to Uber.

In , Tobi began building software to launch an online snowboard store called Snowdevil. It quickly became obvious that the software was more valuable than the snowboards, so Tobi and his founding team launched the Shopify platform in Tobi is an active advocate for computer literacy and education, and serves as a board member of Canada Learning Code , an organization working to give all Canadians access to digital skills.

He served as Chair of the Digital Industries Table , an advisory board commissioned by the federal government to provide recommendations on how to turn Canada into a digital leader.

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This episode is also brought to you by LegalZoom. I've used this service for many of my businesses, as have quite a few of the icons on this podcast, such as Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame. LegalZoom is a reliable resource that more than a million people have already trusted for everything from setting up wills, proper trademark searches, forming LLCs, setting up non-profits, or finding simple cease-and-desist letter templates. LegalZoom is not a law firm, but it does have a network of independent attorneys available in most states who can give you advice on the best way to get started, provide contract reviews, and otherwise help you run your business with complete transparency and up-front pricing.

You have access to a diverse group of people all searching for things they need to grow professionally, and four out of five users are decision-makers at their companies -- so you can build relationships that really matter and drive your business objectives forward. Her record-smashing TED talk has been viewed more than 20 million times and was named by Bill Gates as one of his all-time favorite talks. And then you'll spend the next 20 years trying to get out of one thing after another to simplify your life.

Peter is featured in Worth magazine's Power , featuring the most powerful men and women in global finance, the only financial planner on the list and Creative Planning was featured in Forbes in as the number one RIA for growth over the last 10 years. This podcast is brought to you by 99designs , the global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together create designs they love. McKeown is an accomplished public speaker and has spoken to hundreds of audiences around the world, and in , he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Both worked very long hours in the library and suffered from back pain.

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  5. They began collaborating on a prototype for a product that ended up being called the Supportiback , gathering feedback from members of the Dartmouth community, including a local hospital president and professors and students studying engineering and medicine. They launched the product on Amazon in the UK, and when it seemed their first small order was in danger of selling out quickly, they arranged financing from their supplier and were off and running.

    Since then, they've entered the US market on Amazon, and are on track for nine-figure revenue in They have introduced consumer products, and are trying to become an alternative to big consumer products companies through a strategy of applying their successful scale-up strategies to brands they acquire. Work the Way You Like. This episode is also brought to you by Charlotte's Web , which makes a CBD oil, a hemp extract, that has become one of my go-to tools.

    Charlotte's Web won't get you high, but it does have some pretty powerful benefits, and it works with your body's existing endocannabinoid system. Some of the most common uses are for relief from everyday stressors, help in supporting restful sleep, and to bring about a sense of calm and focus. Visit cwhemp. Patrick Collison patrickc is chief executive officer and co-founder of Stripe , a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet.

    After experiencing firsthand how difficult it was to set up an online business, Patrick and his brother John started Stripe in Their goal was to make accepting payments on the internet simpler and more inclusive. Today, Stripe powers millions of online businesses around the world.

    38" Polypropylene Martial Arts Training Sword - Kung Fu Sword

    Also, as you can tell from seeing just a selected segment of his reading list shared in the show notes on tim. Please enjoy! And to think that we have compounds that could play such an important role that are really facing challenges in getting approved, I just find that really frustrating. Peter Attia. A number of guests have started incredible podcasts after being on this show as their first-ever podcast interview, including legendary Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink.

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    He is one of my go-to doctors for anything performance or longevity-related. He is also easily the best quarterback and sherpa for the US medical system I've ever met. Peter trained for five years at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in general surgery, where he was the recipient of several prestigious awards, including resident of the year, and the author of a comprehensive review of general surgery. He also spent two years at NIH as a surgical oncology fellow at the National Cancer Institute where his research focused on immune-based therapies for melanoma.

    He has since been mentored by some of the most experienced and innovative lipidologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, sleep physiologists, and longevity scientists in the United States and Canada. Peter earned his M. In our conversation in this episode, Peter actually interviews me, though he shares a lot of his own experiences. It is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly. Many friends I've shared this particular episode with have now listened to it multiple times. It takes us both a few minutes to warm up, but then it goes really deep. These are many of things people like Peter and I aren't supposed to talk about publicly.

    I think it's his best biography yet, and that's saying a lot considering how famous his bios of Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, and Steve Jobs are. Based on thousands of pages from Leonardo da Vinci's astonishing notebooks and new discoveries about his life and work, Walter Isaacson "reveals an intimate Leonardo" in a narrative that connects his art to his science.

    He shows how Leonardo's genius was based on skills we can improve in ourselves, such as passionate curiosity, careful observation, and an imagination so playful that it flirted with fantasy. And I let out this huge, orgasmic noise of relief. I was like, 'Wow. In detail, we uncover a real-world case study of someone who built a seven-figure business after reading The 4-Hour Workweek and other resources, of course. Walton struggled in high school and spent a few years playing video games before his mom made him apply for a job at a local surveillance chain, where he worked from He became interested in starting his own business after being exposed to The 4-Hour Workweek.

    In , he went out on his own and started SpyGuy, his current business. The second person joining me is journalist Elaine Pofeldt elainepofeldt , an independent journalist and speaker who specializes in careers and entrepreneurship.

    Share your thoughts and debate the big issues

    In this episode we explore the specifics of key decisions, helpful tools, early mistakes, and much more, all leading to a business that has exceeded all expectations. I had a blast doing this one, and I hope you have a blast listening! I reached out to these Finnish entrepreneurs after a very talented acrobat introduced me to one of their products, which blew my mind in the best way possible. It tastes like coffee, but there are only 40 milligrams of caffeine, so it has less than half of what you would find in a regular cup of coffee.

    I do not get any jitters, acid reflux, or any type of stomach burn. It put me on fire for an entire day, and I only had half of the packet. Rolling Green is a par 72 layout with tree-lined fairways and large greens. Rolling Green offers four sets of tees. The course plays to nearly 6, yards from the back tees while the forward tees play about 5, yards. Our 9 Hole Par 3 golf course is the only lighted golf course in the area.

    Full-service golf instruction facility in the Sarasota area, focused on improving all aspects of your game! A great place to enjoy a day of golf and enjoy some good food and drinks after your round. Located on the Cape Haze Peninsula, the golf course is an hole executive layout and offers day- and night-time golf hours. Lansbrook Golf Club offers a great challenge, great conditions and service. Lansbrook prides itself on constant improvements. Recently, the clubhouse was renovated, a new irrigation system was installed and greens 10 and 14 were rebuilt.

    Water come into play on many of the holes but do not worry, there are four sets of tees to accommodate players. There are no parallel holes at Lansbrook and many are nestled within forest areas. Hole 11 is a replica of the famous 26th at Augusta North Golf Club. Lansbrook is challenging for the good player and fun to average or beginning golfers. Friendly courteous staff, a complete practice facility including driving range , chipping and putting green, bag pickup at your car, are all great reasons to make your next tee time at Lansbrook Golf Club.

    Summerfield Crossings Golf Club offers a fun Scottish links-style course with small undulating greens, pot bunkers and rolling terrain. Stylish polo shirt is suitable for fitness activities and its breathable fabric can wick moisture away from the skin.

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    With 18 holes of championship caliber golf meandering through the Florida countryside, Hernando Oaks treats its guests spectacularly in calm seclusion while exposing them to the true heritage of the g This moisture-wicking and fast-drying polo shirt made with four-way stretch fabric is designed to ensure increased comfort and mobility. Stylish polo shirt is suitable for fitness activities as its breathable fabric can wick moisture away from the skin.

    Countryway golf Club is a challenging executive golf course with beautiful undulating greens and fairways with water hazards coming into play on 14 holes. Free coupon app for iphone and android. Toggle navigation Toledo Deals Near Me. Sign Up. Sign In. I want to Eat. Listed above you'll find some of the best martial arts coupons, discounts and promotion codes as ranked by the users of RetailMeNot. To use a coupon simply click the coupon code then enter the code during the store's checkout process. This page contains a list of all current MartialArtsMart.

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