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The 7 Best Places to Buy Property in Europe

Learn More. Properties Agents from all over the world add their listings to World Properties. Sale USD , Search for Properties. View Profile. Ondres, Aquitaine. Saint Pierre des Corps, Centre. Patrick Peris. Paris, Ile-de-France. MSc Building and Construction Management. Master in Real Estate Management. Kyung Hee University. Master in Investment and Real Estate in Polish. Nicolaus Copernicus University. MSc in Real Estate. Sheffield Hallam University. Master in Real Estate Economics.


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Wuhan University. Master of Science in Real Estate. Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra. Master Management del patrimonio immobiliare. Master of Real Estate Development. Msc in International Real Estate Valuation. University of New Mexico. Masters in Construction Management. Construction Management. Girne American University Gau. Ankara University. Congratulations on your interest in a Commercial Real Estate Career. The industry is exciting and opportunities are everywhere in the world — from urban to rural settings.

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One of your challenges will be to determine which program is a great fit for you. Some degrees such as MSRE tend to specialize in the financial aspects of the commercial real estate industry.

  • Master Real Estate Management (Construction) Ranking master Real Estate Management (Construction).
  • Top Five Countries Where Prices for Real Estate Are Skyrocketing.
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  • Where has the Portuguese Golden Visa proved to be most popular?!
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The MRED degree is suitable for students desiring to pursue impacting the built environment. It is important that you realize that degrees in real estate vary greatly so research carefully. MBAs with a concentration in real estate will provide broad based business background but no more than hours of real estate coursework. Other graduate degrees offer a predominance of real estate coursework and require anywhere from credit hours of coursework.

Finally, note that there may be programs housed in Architectural Colleges, Business Schools or even schools of Public Policy. Be sure to investigate if the program has the ability to offer interdisciplinary coursework if you are looking for a broader based set of skills. Regardless of which program is right for you, know that Commercial Real Estate offers exciting opportunities. Some of the most interesting people work in the field. You can have an impact and become a leader of this wonderful industry.

Real Estate is one of the most fascinating study tracks combining a myriad of fields ranging from finance, law, economics, valuation, risk management, development to investment. On top of that, Real Estate is a discipline with a tangible and substantial impact on society and economies — imagine a developed economy without buildings to work, live, and strive. But Real Estate is not only delivering a commodity, but together with other disciplines going beyond that in shaping how we want to live and work in the future.

The interdisciplinary nature of this field reflect in a potpourri of directions real estate students can specialize and devote themselves in their work lives, ranging from but not limited to real estate investment, property management, private equity, and real estate development. Due to the impact on people and whole economies in general, a close look on what is happening in the real estate industry is imperative.

Current topics include megatrends such as urbanization, digitalization, sustainability and demography in combination with classical Investment theory. Every student who is keen on, literally, building something that lasts should choose to study this field. Home Real Estate Management Construction. Key icons.

Why Real Estate Is the Best Long-Term Investment

Video interview with the program director. See filters. All the programs Programs with additional information Programs with a video interview By country. Following the success of the Golden Visa program, the introduction of the NHR Non-Habitual Resident regime which allows a year tax-free exemption, has ensured that prices remain buoyant. The wave of Chinese investment has in part given way to French and Scandinavian money. The net result of the above situation is that it is very difficult for people to gauge objectively whether they are getting good value for their Golden Visa investments.

While on the one hand, continued demand sees short sales times in both Lisbon and Porto, equally questions are often asked about how per square meter prices can be as high as other major European cities.

The pace of price increases, even if admittedly from a very low base caused by the financial crisis, has not been seen by most real estate agencies in their lifetimes. For this reason, some people have been saying that Lisbon in particular is exhibiting "bubble-like" characteristics. The two regions which have accumulated most Golden Visa investments are the greater Lisbon and Porto areas.

Within Lisbon, it is worth highlighting the Cascais municipality, which has, for example, concentrated much of the interest from South Africans, who prefer suburban environments which resemble as much as possible, a lifestyle in Africa more space, single family homes or villas, and gardens ideal for outdoor living. The three main Golden Visa investment areas, Lisbon, Cascais and Porto, display different characteristics.

Lisbon is best for yield-bearing investments especially with the emergence of the city as a year-round destination voted best city break, conference venue, European cruise destination, etc. It is also the best destination for intercontinental connections from Portugal.

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As the country's capital, the concentration of cultural, gastronomic, historic, religious and social variety in a single location remain unmatched in the country. Public transport is also excellent. Nonetheless, beyond the obvious real estate inflation which has resulted in a lowering of yields for those interested in generating returns , and the increasing regulation on short-term lettings, Lisbon has also suffered a substantial population increase which places some of its areas at risk of losing their character.

Cascais is considered by many the suburban option to Lisbon, where Golden Visa investors could obtain a villa or single-family home on a larger plot for the price of an apartment in Lisbon. Living away from a city center but with easy minute access to Lisbon, Cascais continues to offer a good balance. It also offers more direct beach access than Lisbon itself, and has an established international community which is settled in a relatively small area.

Any well-located property offers excellent long-term rental potential.

The Benefits of Owning International Real Estate

Nonetheless, most properties outside the routes covered by the municipality's Buscas route are expensive when compared to similar real estate in comparable areas of the country. Porto is best for creating a small Golden Visa portfolio, of two to three properties, something which is now very difficult or impossible to do in the other two areas mentioned. Interest continues to be concentrated in the relatively small historical center. Porto is also excellent for those seeking real estate in a location with outstanding historical interest. Porto's international airport has seen as significant expansion of flight destinations.

Year-round demand is not as proven in Porto as in Lisbon, and long-term rentals attract lower values than in either Lisbon or Cascais. Porto will also be subject to limited, but similar, local lodging regulation due to some overtourism concerns. After more than five years of increasing Golden Visa investments, a few changes indicate that the allure of the Portuguese Golden Visa in the country's traditional areas may be starting to fade a little. Portugal being overtaken by Greece, a drop in year-on-year Golden Visa inflows and in particular the drop by the largest foreign investor group, point to the fact that Golden Visa investors are looking for greater diversity and value.

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