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We are ready to help with maps, brochures, coupons, dining menus and up to date accommodations availability. Outside, our lighted information board features a large map of Eastham with biking and hiking trails, beaches and local businesses. The booth is located at the corner of Route 6 and Governor Prence Road.

We like to share community events, networking events, photos, business news and more. Socialize with us today! Get your Eastham Chamber gear here! We have baseball hats, beach towels, Eastham throws and Eastham bumper stickers. Bonus: extra pegs are great for hanging ornaments!

Clear acrylic risers are also a great way to subtly add height and levels when displaying artwork on a table. We use combinations of this 5 piece set from Displays2Go. As you can see, for our larger display pieces shelves, walls , we incorporate as much white as possible. Because all sides of our wood art is stained in a dark finish, the white background helps it pop.

We also prefer how clean the white and neutral hues look. They are great at storing stacks of prints! We stained them to match the color of our wood art. The art prints stand up perfectly in the grooves of the wood, which we then prop up above the wire baskets. While we use our peg wall for some ornament overflow, ornaments look best hanging on an actual Christmas tree.

This also better demonstrates to potential buyers how it will look on their own tree. We found a great slim Christmas tree from our local At Home. We re-stock throughout the show to keep the tree looking full. We bought two pieces of copper pipe and an elbow joint and glued them all together to form an L-shaped corner. To hang the wood sign from the copper pipe, we spray-painted loose-leaf rings to match the copper pipe. We then use clear zip ties to attach the sign to our booth or tent.

For additional branded signage, we bought a large white vinyl banner with grommets and designed it to include our logo, website and social media handles. We use this when we have space available. For our outdoor art shows, such as Cooper Young, we hang the banner on the back of our tent so buyers walking down the sidewalks behind the booths can see our name.

We sell handmade image transfers on wood and marble tile. Image transfer is a different process that actually takes more energy and a significantly longer amount of time than mod podge. Though, our process can sometimes be hard to explain to customers. This year, we created visual aids to help explain our handmade process. We sanded them smooth and white-washed them to match our other display walls. We added a wood leg to the back, attached with a simple hinge to allow them to stand up on their own thanks to Sarah from Signet Sealed for this hinge idea.

Kristen took photos of each key step of our handmade process and we had them printed and mounted to matboard for sturdiness. We spray-painted metal bulldog clips the same copper finish as our sign and hung them on tacks, straight down each wall. Now, when customers ask how we make our art, we can walk them through the entire process with these images.

All of our items are individually priced on the back. We designed a single poster listing all of our items with pricing, framed it and displayed it on a decorative easel at the entrance of our booth. Now customers can easily see the range of prices and products we offer, all in one place. Another way to display pricing in your festival booth is with simple decorative frames near clusters of similar products.

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For our bookend sets, we designed pricing sheets in Adobe Illustrator with our brand colors, printed them on cardstock at FedEx Office and stuck them in a white frame we got on clearance at T. This tidbit has more to do with product packaging than simple signage. We sell marble tile coaster sets that include a different design or photo on each tile.

However, for packaging purposes, we tie up our sets tightly with hemp. After the first one or two festivals or shows with customers wanting to untie all the sets to look at each tile, we started printing the full set on a piece of cardstock and sticking the sheet under the hemp on the back. So, if you happen to sell multi-packs of an item—be it coasters, art prints, notecards, etc.

We like to use the term shabby chic when describing our ideal vendor booth atmosphere. We want our space to be fun and inviting. For us, garland does the trick. Room permitting, props can help enhance your vendor booth.

To display our wood bookends, we bring stacks of books from home and place a few between each set. Plus, the books are just pretty. Definitely not for sale. At outdoor shows, we try to always include an outdoor area rug in the main portion of our vendor booth. Coming from a graphic design background, I cannot stress enough the importance of good design and brand recognition. When customers visit our vendor booth at an art festival or market, we want them to walk away knowing our name, how to get in touch with us after a show, where to buy our product locally, how to connect with us via social media … and the list goes on and on.

We basically want to hit them over head with our brand.

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Again and again and again. As much as possible. Here are a few ways we achieve this. Instead of using blank price tags, we punch a hole in our business cards and string them on the back of every piece of wood art. We design them as a smaller square, just for this purpose. We print sticker labels with prices, which we then stick on the business cards.

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This means every buyer is walking away with at least one of our business cards. As a vendor at our first art festival, we completely underestimated how many visitors would want to walk away with our business card. Since then, we try to come over-prepared. We also stick them in every shopping bag.

We create a design and buy a large quantity to last us through a season. When a potential buyer walks by and you hand them out something free, they are more likely to stop and browse your booth. Free things. We also always incorporate our website in the design, making it a pretty inexpensive marketing tool.

We get ours from Sticker Mule. Marketing materials are great opportunities to reinforce your brand. They can offer a connection to a buyer after he or she leaves the festival or market. When you inevitably receive that super common question about where you are located or if you sell anywhere local, you can present the postcard. We also try to include a flyer with any upcoming promotions or events, such as the Small Business Saturday coupon example below.

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These serve as a call to action and encourage repeat customers. Bags are a MUST. I repeat. Always bring bags in which your customers can carry away their purchases. Plus, you can ensure they receive your marketing materials by pre-stuffing them in all the shopping bags. Also, bags are another chance for you to highlight your brand. Branded merchandise bags.

We use white kraft paper bags and purchased our stamp from Best Rubber Stamp , a local Memphis company. Super affordable and totally worth it.

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In addition to the coupons and flyers we hand out at markets, we try our best to promote our social media and email list as a way to connect with our customers after shows. We bought these cute Instax clear magnetic frames from Urban Outfitters shop them here and designed little flyers for them with our social media handles. Then, we placed them around our vendor booth for customers to see while they shopped.

We also include a clipboard at our check out station for visitors to add their name and email address to our email list. We often see customers early on in a show who are browsing and not yet ready to buy. Then they come back later and the item they wanted is sold out. While we stress to visitors that our inventory is limited, some potential buyers want to browse the entire show or market before settling on a purchase. For this, we always bring branded custom order sheets, so we are prepared to take the order and keep it organized.

We designed them in Adobe Illustrator with a spot for them to write their name and contact information email address and phone number, just in case , as well as a grid for the possible items they could purchase. We offer local pick-up in Memphis, or the option to ship directly. To do this, we try to have a small table next to our check out station with custom photo examples, which we can talk about while we ring up their purchases.

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Have questions or in the market for some design help? Feel free to email us at info at getarchd dot com. I saw your post in Tuesdays Together. I am a local Memphian also. I really love this post, it has some really great tips. Hi, Gina! Thank you so much! Looooved the tips and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Derika! This makes us so happy that the blog is helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any specific questions! Best of luck at your first show! Love your setup! How did you support your pegboards so they stand?? They are hinged together and stand up with the outside two panels always set at an angle for stability. Where are the peg boards from? We actually had them custom made here in Memphis by a wood worker. We are so happy we came across this amazing wealth of knowledge!

Thank you so much for sharing. Nice article! By reading this post everyone will get knowledge on how to plan the trade show booth space and how to arrange product creatively and attractively. Do you have the dimensions of the poles you used and size of your current pop out sign you have hanging in the photo for suggestion 6?

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