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Serebii Mega Evolution List

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Curslax Sweep! Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire WiFi Battle! Fan Fridays #396 Jordy

Generous Breeder neologist total posts: since: Oct YoungsterJoeysShorts We'll get it eventually, but it might take a while with Nintendo's current track record. But then again, this info is pretty much brand new from like an hour ago so we could see a date later today hopefully. Run or be feared Resident Neo 33 total posts: since: Jul Good thing I've hardly bought any Lumiose clothes so far, those are the most expensive.

LloydToS Same, but I do give in if I ever find another orange colored clothing item since I want to complete the collection for it.

lugia serebii day

I've sadly bought almost everything I want in the game After grinding the game for X amount of hours, I finally had all the money I could possibly want So this coupon won't benefit me anymore q. Not cool. Hail the Helix! I've gone and bought every piece of clothing in the game already And to everyone complaining how Japan gets another event before Europe and America, get a grip. This is a good find.

Very tedious! Now that I learned our stacks can exceed 99 I've just been going until min run out of money and then selling I'm up to pokeballs and 75 primer balls sell time will be in 21 more :. That's awesome!

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When I posted this it was my first time in there. Even saved the game in there when I went to bed so I could grab a few extra!

twinklebysa - lugia serebii day

I didn't even see this I just got to the mart when I I noticed and thought the world must know! Oh shoot, should've done this. I love premier balls too aha thanks for pointing this out for everyone! Ayy, I'm a premier ball lover too and I've also been doing this except without the reselling the poke balls back part lol.

Prince Pizza Coupons Saugus Ma

I guess that just never crossed my mind. Time to sell all my poke balls back! I think they are buying 10 and immediately selling them after instead of blowing all their cash and then selling after to maximize use of time. Cake Day.


Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Thrifty mega mart 99 premier balls free! Maybe spoilers below not sure just be careful anyways!

Event Missions

You have a coupon?? You get 1k back! Edit: just learned stacks can now exceed Edit 2: 35 minutes later and 96 primer balls

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