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I did all the hard work for you! All you have to do is print it out, cut out the pages, and bind them together. You can just print it from there or you can add some of your own ideas. To add your own ideas: After you click on the link in your email, the file will open up in Google Drive. Now you can scroll to the bottom of the file, place the cursor on the blank coupons and fill in what you would like it to say. The font will be slightly different, but you can increase the font size to be larger if you wish. The book will look best using a thicker paper or card stock.

15 Sets of Free Printable Love Coupons and Templates

I used medium thickness card stock that I got from Michaels, but you could also just use regular copy paper. Cut out around the border of each coupon , leaving a little space outside of the border. I used a paper cutter to make the edges straight, but you an use a scissor as well.

DIY Love Coupon Book - Valentine's Day Gift Idea - JK Arts 857

Put the book together in any order you wish and leave out any coupons that may not apply to you or your spouse. Take a small stack of a few coupons and use a hole puncher to punch a hole on the left side right in the middle. Do this for the whole book.

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It might be fun to just give these as a gift to your spouse or read one quote a night out loud with each other to focus your time together and create a sense of unity among the two of you! This game is really fun! This game will really spice up your marriage and create a fun evening. You take turns asking questions and completing challenges like who can find a candle and light it first and the loser of each round has to remove one article of clothing.

What You Need For Your Love Coupons

You can use these cards in a couple of different ways. It gives you the template to be creative and surprise your spouse! The cards come with a place to write in as many clues as you want to lead the other somewhere. You can fill out the cards and have it lead to a romantic location or have them lead to a fun gift use your imagination!

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Included in this eKit is everything you need for creating a romantic night in! Light some candles, leave the printable sign on the door so your spouse knows what they are about to walk into, and create a romantic dinner and date night for two! Included in the kit is a personalized mix CD cover. Either surprise your spouse with a romantic mix CD or make it together and print out the CD cover so have a fun and romantic keep sake to pull out when you need a little reminder of your love!

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Print out this checklist and instructions, assemble the different items for your romantic gift basket, and you have a romantic night all ready to go! There is not a single mind blowing idea in this book. They are simple, everyday activities or gifts you can do to just show your spouse you care. This kit offers seven ideas to help put a spark back in your marriage, or add to the flames that […]. Write a love note to your husband to rekindle your dwindling flame.

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  8. You get to reflect on your marriage and the love you have for your husband. Get a coupon book, 10 […]. While this is not a traditional book, I think it warrants being mentioned here. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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